Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

Chizuru Mizuhara, or Chizuru Ichinose relying upon the circumstance. Voiced by Sora Amamiya in Japan.

She’s the super double hero of the series and quite possibly of the main person in the whole series (anime or manga).

Mizuhara goes to school, fills in as a rental sweetheart, and is likewise dealing with building her fantasy acting profession which she invests some part of energy into.

In the event that we’re discussing quality characters she’s quite possibly of the best fundamental person over the most recent twenty years of anime (2000-2020+). What’s more, particularly with regards to the female heroes specifically.

Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

If you somehow managed to pass judgment on Lease A Sweetheart from the first episode, you’d miss the significance of her personality. Also, how it assembles.

The majority of the great stuff comes later, dynamically, with a bit that is shown even in episode 1 and, surprisingly, more in the second season starting around 2022!

Here is a rundown of her solid focuses as a person in spite of the disdain the anime gets.

Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

Why Chizuru Mizuhara is best girl and a stellar female protagonist:

1. She feels like a real person

Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

Anime is fiction. Clear proclamation. Movies and Programs are fiction, as well. I say that in light of the fact that a ton of the time we can anticipate that a person should act more misrepresented than they would, all things considered (which makes them fascinating).

Chizuru Mizuhara is different in like that. She embraces a new lease on life. She feels sensible and is something beyond a practical anime character.

Leading Chizuru is a rental sweetheart. That is her work in the anime (fundamental work). It’s the justification behind the plot and it’s the reason Kazuya Kinoshita rents her out (the person everybody loathes for groveling and being a failure).

Her relationship with Kazuya, first and foremost, is simply ordinary. Kazuya is a client, so she deals with him like some other client. All things considered, it’s a task, it’s anything but a Genuine date and she’s not in a genuine connection with these individuals.

She’s there to cause forlorn folks to feel cheerful and much improved about themselves. Normally, in light of the fact that they’re:

  • Uncertain.
  • Terrible at conversing with ladies.
  • Have almost no involvement in genuine ladies.
  • Have low confidence.

Or on the other hand are excessively reluctant to seek after a genuine sweetheart (false for Kazuya’s situation since he was unloaded).

In this manner she gives men trust and most certainty however that certainty might be brief and may not continue into this present reality.

In spite of accepting all of this as a rental sweetheart, Chizuru keeps up with her impressive skill, disposition, appeal and allure. What’s more, for this reason she’s quite possibly of the most enthusiastically suggested rental sweetheart in Tokyo.

Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

In any case, we see exactly how living the “rental sweetheart” life begins to influence her the manner in which it would a genuine individual. It begins to talk into her own life to the place where she needs to conceal things, cooperate as Kazuya’s genuine sweetheart to his Grandmother, etc.

This likewise meaningfully affects how she sees Kazuya as an individual beyond him being an ordinary client. Yet, regardless of this, she’s all’s a youthful grown-up and she knows this. Meaning she doesn’t allow this to impede her work.

Seeing the subtle conflict however, and different minutes where her sentiments are more in plain view without being excessively emotional or overstated causes Chizuru to embrace a new lease on life.

More so than some other romantic comedy hero there’s at any point been in the rom-com class. Likely on account of all the sensible, genuine elements that are blended into the story (work, school, cash, love, and so on).

She’s a female person like no other to the extent that primary characters go, and that is the reason she keeps on sparkling in spite of the kickback the anime gets generally.

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Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

2. She’s professional but not fake or pretentious

Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

In reality when you’re an expert in anything that industry you’re in, there’s a propensity for individuals to:

  • Kiss ass.
  • Pander.
  • Be pompous.
  • Hide any hint of failure.

What’s more, consistently monitor your actual sentiments, even in circumstances where your considerations ought to be shared to the advantage of you or any other person. That doesn’t mean you need to wear feelings on a sleeve obviously.

Chizuru Mizuhara finds some kind of harmony of both being and showing incredible skill, alongside not being phony to the point that it’s undeniable you’re putting on a front and showing off.

She’s certifiable even in an expert setting. At the point when Kazuya expresses specific things she tells him adequate and so forth. Furthermore, she has no issue letting him know what should be said without being a b*tch about it.

Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

She has class, genuineness, and effortlessness at the same time. This returns to point #1 about Chizuru feeling like a genuine person or I ought to say a genuine individual.

She additionally has the certainty to go with it however not with the eventual result of being haughty or self absorbed. As well as being understanding without it feeling over-misrepresented or fictitious.

Mizuhara is flawed since nobody is, not even anime characters, however she’s a strong illustration of a fictitious person who feels genuine even in an expert setting without the self-absorbed showing off that typically accompanies it.

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Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

3. She’s WAIFU material

Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

Can we just be real for a minute – Chizuru Mizuhara and the way she’s composed makes her wifey material (or waifu assuming you like that word better).

Chizuru’s job as a rental sweetheart is one of the most mind-blowing notices for Japan’s reality “rental sweetheart” market since it’s done so well. All things considered, a rental sweetheart is intended to be helpful I’d envision.

Not exclusively is Chizuru a female person in numerous ways which makes her appealing, she’s likewise not bashful with regards to difficult work, accomplishing what she deeply desires, and all the more critically – understanding what she needs.

She’s not a poisonous sort of individual overall and doesn’t give extraordinary treatment to ladies and one-sided treatment to Men. She’s fair and receptive, seeing individuals just for how they are and what their identity is, instead of biased.

This by itself makes her a sensible individual and sensible individuals make for good accomplices (in one perspective at any rate).

She’s additionally the sort of individual you can trust and maintain your mysteries with if you have any, and she’ll remain faithful perpetually (like Hinata from Naruto).

What’s more, we should not shrink away from the real issue – she’s genuinely alluring too. However her character and who she really is, that makes Chizuru more alluring than anything more from the all around.

Great looks exactly attracts you at first, and her view and mindset of the world keeps you secured and needing more.

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Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

4. She’s entertaining as F

Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

Chizuru has her own life, her own outlook, her own liabilities, and her own objectives and dreams. Obviously sentiment wouldn’t really be impossible for her, yet her objectives are vital.

At the point when in dilemmas she has inventive approaches to exploring out of it (beside the cringey allusions I presume). That is all to say Chizuru is a truly engaging female hero.

She’s engaging for the right reasons. It’s not because of reasons like:

  • Being entertaining to a limit.
  • Or on the other hand being excessively dumb to the reason behind it being amusing.
  • Or on the other hand directing crazy sentiments toward get a response out of the watcher.
  • Or on the other hand doing something unconventional to stick out.

It’s no part of that. She’s simply being her certified self alongside the wide range of various focuses I made, and that makes her engaging to a level numerous female heroes (or male) can at any point reach.

Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

Why Chizuru Mizuhara Is Such A GREAT Main Character

In the end Chizuru Mizuhara:

  • Is an elegantly composed female hero.
  • She conveys the show forward.
  • She’s genuine, sensible, and real.

What’s more, she has an appeal to her personality we haven’t seen like this until the anime went along.

I can’t represent the manga, yet it applies to the anime and where they take her personality in season 3 (assuming it comes) will decide if this stays valid, improves, or deteriorates.

How about we sit back and watch.

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