The 10 Most Grateful One Piece Characters

The 10 Most Grateful One Piece Characters

The 10 Most Grateful One Piece Characters

When a character aspires to be greater than they are, it is what defines One Piece the most. Due to their opposing missions to establish ultimate justice and become the Pirate King, heroes like Luffy and villains like Akainu exhibit this.

It’s simple to take for granted what one has in the midst of their goal. Nevertheless, a lot of appreciative individuals in the series serve as reminders to the main characters of what they already have and how each day is important, regardless of whether they achieve their goal. These people teach others important things about life and serve as role models for others.


Jimbei Reminded Luffy To Practice Gratitude

Luffy was damaged after the fight for Marineford. After being there when his brother passed away, he threw a fit and prepared to give up on his ambition.

Jimbei could not stand to see his pal in pain. He firmly held Luffy and told him that there was still life to live. His companions would be there for him when they were prepared to go back to the New World. Luffy was able to recover from his depression thanks to Jimbei’s message of appreciation and start working out with Rayleigh as a result.


Doflamingo Was Thankful For His Family

Doflamingo was a villain who planned to end the world, yet he was happy to have his family. He spent even more time with them than his heroic counterpart, and they had the same value for him as Luffy’s Straw Hats.

Doflamingo’s appreciation was shown in Punk Hazard when he consoled Vergo in his last moments. In contrast to other foes, he did not criticise his buddy for failing. Instead, he expressed gratitude for what he had done and wished he could have done more to assist. Doflamingo had resentment at Trafalgar Law as a result of Vergo’s demise since he had previously disregarded him.


Yasuie Never Stopped Smiling

Older guy Yasuie used to work for Oden. He unintentionally consumed an S.M.I.L.E Fruit to satiate his hunger after watching helplessly as Wano plunged into ruin. He grinned and laughed out of place at this, much to the annoyance of others around him. Yasuie was compelled to live in poverty, but he enjoyed the few resources he and the other villagers had.

Yasuie felt compelled to grin, but the two-decade time jump had made him into a truly amiable man. He softened Zoro’s gritty side, enthusiastically assisted the heroes in their quest, and even mocked Orochi just before he passed away.


Kid Was Grateful For His Comrade, Killer

A brazen member of the Worst Generation, Eustass Kid. Although stern and unapproachable to Luffy, he was very appreciative of Killer’s dedication and promised to get revenge after discovering the S.M.I.L.E Fruit’s power.

Kid did well; he earned the most of his possessions. Luffy, for instance, didn’t get a lot of praise since he had already fled from Udon. In the fight for Onigashima, Kid should have been more appreciative of the samurai’s support, but he honestly thought he could succeed on his own.


Whitebeard Loved His Crew

Whitebeard could have easily located Laugh Tale given that he was the strongest man in the planet and Roger’s old opponent. He didn’t want to endanger his family, however, since he valued them more than seeking for riches.

Whitebeard’s lifetime goal has been to find his family since fleeing the Rocks Pirates. He sacrificed his life during the fight for Marineford so that his men could flee. The ageing hero was aware that his time was almost up and he wanted to use what vigour he still had to the fullest.


Shirahoshi Was Thankful For Luffy Saving Her

The majority of Shirahoshi’s childhood was spent behind the walls of Neptune’s palace. In his strange and fruitless attempt to make her his wife, Vander Decken had pursued her for years.

Shirahoshi was able to travel the globe with Luffy because he was able to deflect Decken’s shots. She was so overcome with gratitude for his help that she started crying. Luffy solidified his relationships with the inhabitants of Fish-Man Island by his assistance in her personal life and his efforts against Hody Jones.


King Riku Loved The Humble Nation Of Dressrosa

Dressrosa was a joyful and modest country under King Riku’s rule. They lacked the riches that Doflamingo bestowed, but they had freedom and a strong feeling of camaraderie.

Riku was a kind guy who made a big difference in Kyros’ life. He made an effort to believe individuals when they said they would do something, which earned him the nation’s utmost respect. Unfortunately, Riku’s bad choices when the Donquixote Family threatened him brought shame to the family name. Rebecca was also forced to take part in horrific gladiatorial fights in order to survive.


Tom Gave Everything For His Adopted Sons

Tom was one of history’s greatest constructors and had previously worked as a shipwright under Gol D. Roger. At Water Seven, the World Government caught up with him and demanded that he construct a sea railway in return for their forgiving him.

Even though Tom concurred, he made sure to make time for his beloved adopted boys Franky and Iceburg. He was thankful for their existence in his life and never voiced any grumblings about it, even when he was detained on Franky’s behalf. Even though Tom is probably deceased, his influence on Water Seven won’t soon be forgotten.


Saint Mjosgard Was Thankful For Otohime’s Aid

He suffered serious injuries when the Celestial Dragon Mjosgard crashed on Fish-Man Island. Many of the villagers wanted to humiliate Fisher Tiger in remembrance of his persecution.

To restore the harmony between fish-men and humans, Otohime, however, stood in their way and intervened to save Mjosgard. Mjosgard, despite his depraved background, was so incredibly appreciative of Otohime’s rescue that he helped Shirahoshi in the Reverie. He was the only one of his rank who could hit Charloss without suffering Lucci’s swift and severe retaliation.


Jaguar D. Saul Taught Robin The Value Of Laughter

Jaguar D. Saul came upon Nico Robin in Ohara after washing up on the coast. He kept her company and showed her that the best response to facing life’s most difficult challenges is to grin and laugh.

Saul offered himself as a sacrifice after the Buster Call devastated Ohara so that Robin would have a greater chance of escaping. She took note of his lessons in thankfulness and forced a smile on her face despite the death of her dearest friend. Their reunion will offer them even more reason to be grateful, particularly given how Robin has developed as a person, and the recent reports that Saul was still alive.

The 10 Most Grateful One Piece Characters

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