16+ GREAT Anime Shows With The Saddest Endings

16+ GREAT Anime Shows With The Saddest Endings

GREAT Anime Shows With The Saddest Endings

Assuming there’s one thing with regards to anime, the reality a few shows fear conveying endings that are comparable to the actual show.

Once in a while the makers don’t want to distance anybody, or shock individuals to an extreme. Different times they’re excessively cautious or keep things uncertain.

In this post we’ll zero in on anime endings that:

  • Wrap up the story impeccably.
  • Stirs things up around town notes.
  • Is composed well without being hurried.
  • Emotional.

Furthermore, is obviously – miserable, profound, discouraging, or anything thusly.

We should discuss it. GREAT Anime Shows With The Saddest Endings.

Anime with sad endings:

1. Clannad: After Story

Clannad: After Story

Clannad (the main season) is a customary cut of life anime series with sentiment, some satire, and, surprisingly, its serious minutes. GREAT Anime Shows With The Saddest Endings.

It’s a Kyoto Liveliness exemplary.

You get acquainted with Tomoya Okazaki, Nagisa Furukawa, Kotomi Ichinose, the twin sisters, and different characters. Some of who are important in season 2.

When season 2 (After Story) comes around however that is where things change radically. Furthermore, the completion and, surprisingly, preceding the consummation is one of anime history’s saddest minutes.

Spoilers will destroy it so watch it the entire way through beginning to end to get the full insight.

2. Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories

Plastic Recollections is all in the name. It’s a sentiment anime composed like no other. The sentiment and connection between the primary characters is extraordinarily finished. GREAT Anime Shows With The Saddest Endings.

The female MC is called Isla. She’s a kind of machine who could be mistaken for human. Tsukasa is the male MC who’s her buddy. The two of them go out in their most memorable mission in ep 1.

You get some incredible parody from the principal episode and it closes with a sample of the genuinely charged episodes to come. One’s loaded up with bitterness.

The anime goes through certain progressions to change everything around except once the last half plays out you come to comprehend how great the closure is.

Effectively one of the most critical anime shows in the sentiment type. Its very own class.

3. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica is a miserable anime series. It’s just 12 episodes in length yet enough is stacked into those episodes that it’s effective. GREAT Anime Shows With The Saddest Endings.

Likewise, the anime has an effect through its mental components and featuring the hazier side of being a supernatural young lady… In a capricious style.

The film; Madoka Magica Defiance is additionally miserable. It’s a continuation of the series to some degree and the film has a discouraging end including one of the primary characters.

Whether or not you choose to watch them both you’ll in any case be happy with the closure and the series overall.

4. Shiki


Shiki is a frightfulness anime series like Higurashi: When They Cry. Set in a town winds up having a plague. The sickness is brought about by “Shiki”.

In the wake of being chomped by Shiki, people become vampire like animals and in a little while this condition spreads like a woodland fire. To the place where the nearby specialist Toshio becomes concerned.

Toshio turns into a significant concentrate later in the anime and turns out to be one of the more critical characters of the show.

The end, the completion, the center, and the plot are savage, fierce, and will make them question your own ethics possibly. It’s dampening.

Hardly any endings are all around as awful as Shiki. The highs are high and the lows are low. GREAT Anime Shows With The Saddest Endings.

5. Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill is a grievous anime series by studio white fox, same studio as Steins Door, re:Zero, and Jormungand. All similarly rough or smart anime shows.#

Tatsumi is a prepared fighter who goes to the capital with the expectations of turning into a high positioning official, making a lot of cash, and aiding the unfortunate town he experienced childhood in.

He goes to the capital with companions however at that point is separated en route due to crooks. He advances rapidly toward the finish of episode 1 how degenerate the world truly is.

Subsequent to turning out to be important for the death bunch nightraid how he might interpret government defilement gets further. Thus does his outrage and longing for change.

The completion of Akame Ga Kill is similarly basically as merciless as the beginning and the center of this unpredictable shounen. It might annoy you, or fulfill.

One way or another there’s nothing similar to it.

6. Happy Sugar Life

Happy Sugar Life

Obviously I’m not going to ruin that poop since it’ll obliterate the entire justification for watching beginning to end.

In any case, Cheerful Sugar Life is one of those couple of anime that have a Genuine end, making the closure seriously fulfilling and satisfying despite the fact that profound and miserable.

It’s a frightfulness with sentiment and mental energies. It investigates Yanderes, the breakdown of characters who are damaged, masochists, the mishandled, and that’s just the beginning.

It focuses a light on the more horrible side of life conceived out of out of line conditions.

7. Black Bullet

Black Bullet

Dark Projectile requirements a second season in light of the fact that the completion is a bluff holder. Indeed, even still, the actual consummation is loaded with feeling and tension. It makes you want to see what’s straightaway on the off chance that you haven’t perused the manga.

The anime is by and large vicious with the fundamental subject being about a pandemic of beasts undermining Tokyo. Like Assault On Titan along these lines.

Rentaro Satome and Enju Aihara are the primary characters who drive the story forward, and things base on them (counting passings) or are associated with them somehow or another.

The bad guy Kaegtane Hiruko is a person who slips through the cracks yet merits much more recognition and prevalence than he gets.

8. Code Geass

Code Geass

Assuming you realize you know, in the event that you don’t, heads up. 2 seasons solid. This is a tactical series with enough methodology, strategies, brilliant battles, and inquisitive characters to keep anyone with any interest at all.

It’s one of my main 5 anime ever and that hasn’t changed throughout the years for good explanation. The consummation, like Cheerful Sugar Life for how it’s composed can’t be ruined in light of the fact that it’ll destroy the purpose in watching the whole series.

The consummation of this anime can be surrendered to understanding relying upon your perspective, however it’s miserable one way or another.

9. Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit

Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit

Criminally underestimated anime series. The craftsmanship style and plans are unique and new. It begins at a decent speed and completes far superior, with a miserable, profound closure and last couple of episodes.

It’s about a female guardian safeguarding a kid sovereign, however it becomes a mother-child relationship. The ruler is being pursued in light of a purported “revile” inside him.

Through his difficulty he develops, develops, and changes from being a defenseless kid into somewhat of a superior comprehension man of life a long way from the protected life he had as a ruler.

Balsa (female MC\0 involves a staff as a weapon.

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10. NANA


Nana is around 2 female characters who go by a similar name. One is a performer seeking after her energy in Tokyo, the other is cumbersome however consistently appears to be content and is as yet sorting things out as a 20+ something year old.

The investigation of sexual connections, feelings, sentiment, finding and seeking after your enthusiasm, heart break and more as a 20+ year old are a few normal, mature subjects.

Not the most close to home completion yet it should be referenced for how things end up.

Underestimated exemplary by Crazy house studios.

11. Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World

Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World

Anime about venturing to the far corners of the planet, country to country, city to city, town to town. Learning and acquiring encounters through others’ accounts on Kino’s excursion.

Kino’s motorbike is a talking motorbike. It’s odd from the get go however you become accustomed to it, and their discussions are canny and interesting.

Nobody episode is the equivalent due to the voyaging perspective, so there’s continuously a novel, new thing to the extent that view, life examples, and characters.

The consummation is grievous.

12. Inari Kon Kon

Inari Kon Kon

Seinen/sentiment anime. An intriguing blend. Approaches sentiment in a developed manner yet at the same time has the parody.

You have a holy place goddess who fabricates a relationship with the primary person (she resembles a more seasoned sister) which is associated with the plot. Furthermore, that plays into the profound rollercoaster, particularly at and towards the end.

Inari Fushimi (MC) likewise has a more established sibling who fosters a relationship with the sanctuary goddess, and that adds its own component of healthiness to this Seinen anime.

Any individual who’s seen the anime concurs it needs a second season as of now.

13. Witchblade


Witchblade is an anime I’ve looked after and over, on various occasions. What’s more, the inclination it gives me is dependably equivalent to far as it’s close to home estimation and the Miserable completion of the series.

Masane Amaha is an apparently defenseless 20+ something year old mother with a youngster considered Rihiko who’s a good idea for her age and capable. However, everything isn’t what it appears.

Amaha (the mother) has amnesia from an occasion called the extraordinary shake that obliterated a city, with Masane inexplicably being the only one bursting at the seams with her little girl… Memory cleaned what not.

She’s the conveyor of a logical weapon called the Witchblade, and it’s answerable for saving her life and completely changing herself in numerous ways for horrible.

The anime can waiver a piece on occasion however it’s kept tomfoolery, steady, and it has serious areas of strength for an on female characters and female leads.

14. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

Death Homeroom begins with the creep educator called Koro Teacher. He’s a yellow outsider with limbs for arms and an apparently long-lasting grin all over like it’s put on.

It’s a silly sort of look.

The class (class F) that he’s instructing have been given the undertaking of preparing to kill Koro Master to prevent him from exploding the moon and apparently annihilating the world.

With a speed of Mach 23 Koro is quite serious and most certainly is a strong person. Yet, the manner in which he shows his understudies, how patient he is and mindful, genuine educators could learn something.

A lot of life illustrations all through this School/Shounen and Heavenly series and the closure is miserable as it gets.

15. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is an outdated awfulness from the 2000’s. It’s one of the most well known repulsiveness anime ever and it was the most popular during the 2000’s.

Diclonius, a sort of man made animal is set free after it gets away from a lab, killing lots of specialists and researchers while making its departure.

This Diclonius is called Lucy. She has a relapsed state and her “valid” state where she’s cognizant and mindful of everything going on. Diclonius have vectors used to kill.

Lucy has heartfelt affections for Kouta as well as the other way around. The actual story is lamentable, yet the completion is totally savage and shows you the unjustifiable, indecent clouded side of human instinct.

16. God Eater

God Eater

God Eater is another awfulness anime however one many don’t ponder in the repulsiveness type. It’s adjusted from a computer game.

Lenka Itsugi is the principal character with the sole mission of seeking retribution against the Aragami, animals like Titans or Kabeni from Kabaneri Of The Iron Stronghold.

This begins as a platitude yet as the anime gains ground the story and the composing begins to fall into its own, and the anime sticks out.

The closure of God Eater and what paves the way to it is certainly miserable.

GREAT Anime Shows With The Saddest Endings

Other anime:

  • Your Lie In April.
  • Violet Evergarden.
  • Toradora.
  • Dread In Reverberation.

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