11+ Anime Like The Rising Of The Shield Hero for Fantasy Fans!

11+ Anime Like The Rising Of The Shield Hero for Fantasy Fans!

11+ Anime Like The Rising Of The Shield Hero for Fantasy Fans!

The Ascending Of The Safeguard Legend was a dubious anime the second it circulated. What’s more, that is thanks to the tricky yet significant subjects it features about misleading r*pe allegations against men.

It’s feeling of authenticity has contacted male fans, particularly those who’ve encountered these allegations, in actuality. Yet, overall the anime has drawn a many individuals to its uniqueness and brave methodology.

An Isekai remains in its own path.

11+ Anime Like The Rising Of The Shield Hero for Fantasy Fans!

With the second season going to air, and the third season turning out in future, how about we center around anime like Safeguard Legend.

Here is a rundown!

1. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

Troll Slayer is an anime that broadcasted back in late 2018. Furthermore, it created a ruckus to the place of organizations like Crunchyroll declining to have it in their anime grants for that year.

The main episode exhibits how underhanded the trolls of this universe are, and the way that horrendous and savage they can be. Particularly around ladies.

Subsequent to taking away ladies to their safe-house, one of the lamentable ladies has her garments detached and she’s r*ped by a lot of trolls.

Onna Shinkan, later known as “priestess” is damaged as she observes defenselessly, yet she’s saved by Troll Slayer and figures out how to defeat her injury all through the anime.

Beside the main episode, the remainder of the anime is really not all that savage.

2. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

How Not To Call An Evil spirit Master is an anime about Diablo, or a typical geek Otaku who’s gathered into the universe of his #1 game. What’s more, he’s inside the group of Diablo, an evil spirit ruler.

In the wake of being kissed by two young ladies who become piece of his array of mistresses, the anime starts, as does his excursion, and a portion of the surprisingly good fight scenes that happen.

This anime isn’t for the frail hearted. The Ecchi and the fanservice isn’t lightweight, yet on the off chance that you can move past that there are a few decent pieces in spite of the craziness, all things considered,

3. Land Of Leadale

Land Of Leadale

Cayna, the fundamental person was resurrected into a different universe in the afterlife. Her “genuine” name isn’t Cayna however that turns into her name in the anime.

Like anime like Log Skyline or How Not To Call An Evil spirit Ruler, “Leadale” is a game world. Furthermore, Cayna rapidly gets comfortable and understands this.

One of the misjudged components of this anime is the healthiness on occasion, and not really the battles (the MC is overwhelmed).

An Isekai’s very chilled and loose, an alternate feature of Safeguard Legend as it were.

4. Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei is a dubious Isekai anime series, and it won’t be the last. The primary person Rudeus was a lolicon/pedo freak in his previous existence.

He was seriously harassed to a limit and this later leads him to decadence in his 30’s, and I mean a bent sort of degenracy.

In the anime’s plot where he’s resurrected into a different universe you can see Rudeus is embarrassed about his previous existence and feels like a piece of crap for it.

He’s on a way of progress and recovery to turn into the sort of man he never was as a standard individual.

Maigc, experiences, very much energized battle scenes, vile characters, Mushoku Tensei has everything.

5. If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat A Demon Lord!

If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat A Demon Lord!

This anime centers around two characters:

  • Dale.
  • Latina.

Dale is the globe-trotter who kills for recruit and does different positions connected with it. One day in the backwoods he goes over Latina, an evil spirit young lady who’s without anyone else. Turns out her family was killed.

She’s the only one alive and Dale chooses to embrace her. What’s more, the dad little girl relationship starts.

Their relationship will help you a ton to remember Naofumi and Raphtalia, particularly in the beginning phases of Safeguard Legend. Be that as it may, it’s significantly more healthy and close to home.

6. Redo Of Healer

11+ Anime Like The Rising Of The Shield Hero for Fantasy Fans!

Redo Of Healer

Re-try Of Healer resembles a move up to Protect Legend somehow or another, particularly with regards to Vengeance. It’s a retribution anime on steroids.

Keyaru is:

  • R*ped.
  • Manhandled.
  • Tormented.
  • Group banged.
  • Sedated.

Also, eventually treated more terrible than a creature. He’s confined and made to do things Princess Freiya anticipates that he should do, and he’s utilized for his capacity to “mend” anything.

Years after the fact after his retribution develops and he gets more intelligent, Keyaru figures out how to re-try time to begin everything once again, and seek his retribution against his victimizers.

This is the wellspring of the anime’s dim episodes, questionable nature, and the mischievousness of the world Keyaru thinks of himself as in.

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7. Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World

Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World

Re:Zero recounts the story according to Subaru Natsuki’s viewpoint, a late teen who wears tracksuits and is resurrected into a different universe.

One of the primary individuals he meets is Emilia, and he experiences passionate feelings for her in the end. The two of them are likewise killed in the principal episode by a professional killer.

With the capacity to beat the grave by reawakening from a reset point (like a game) Subaru needs to explore through this new world and track down ways of making due after horrendously biting the dust so often.

The injury nearly annihilates him from the back to front.

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8. Tensei Slime

Tensei Slime

Tensei Sludge centers around Rimuru Storm, who in his previous existence was cut to death attempting to safeguard somebody in the road.

Subsequent to being resurrected he’s an ooze. Apparently futile and irredeemable. Yet, he understands he can obtain new abilities here and even ingest different animals.

Ultimately he’s ready to take human structure and his objective bases on bringing together individuals of all societies, foundations, and races. Driving him to make his own realm as he becomes sufficient.

The composing is different to Protect Legend, however there’s a lot of hybrids that enthusiasts of both anime can appreciate.

9. Danmachi


Danmachi is otherwise called Is It Off-base To Attempt To Get Young ladies In A Prison?

Chime Cranel is the superstar. The white haired kid is nearly killed in the caverns of Danmachi, yet is saved by Ais Wallenstein, known as “sword princess”.

She’s strong, apathetic, dispassionate, and exquisite. Furthermore, Ringer Cranel admires her and is subsequently prepared by her to make him more grounded and more capable in battle.

Another pertinent person is Goddess Hestia, who’s thought of “low position” among goddesses and she’s the explanation Ringer Cranel has a home to remain in, regardless of whether a piece harsh in the start of the series.

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10. Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average?

Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average?

Adele is resurrected into a different universe, and she has the decision of what she needs to the extent that how strong she’ll be. Her desire is to have her capacities be “normal”.

The thinking behind this decision is so she can carry on with a casual existence with no show and nobody to irritate her to an extreme. In any case, she winds up abilities to have which are the normal of strong animals.

She meets Reina, a solid magician with red hair and a Tsundere character, and the anime begins to work from that point as they generally go on experiences together.

Beside Adele being Over powered and the anime not being as emotional, it resembles a female variant of Safeguard Legend

11. Sword Art Online

Sword Workmanship Online requirements no presentation. It’s the purpose for the development of Isekai since it previously delivered in the 2010’s, alongside No Game No Life.

SAO keeps on overwhelming the outlines when it discharges anime or light clever substance, and is perceived as quite possibly of the best establishment in the anime business.

Season 1 is sometimes good, sometimes bad relying upon how you view it, season 2 gets somewhat more close to home and has various angles, and season 3 is where the anime establishment truly sparkles more than ever.

11+ Anime Like The Rising Of The Shield Hero for Fantasy Fans!

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